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Philip Seymour Hoffman

psh2It’s nice to see a victim of addiction  be remembered not just for their talent, accomplishments, personal drama or whatever else, and instead be remembered for his goodness.

It’s being widely reported that Philip Seymour Hoffman died of a drug overdose. He was found in a West Village apartment with the syringe still in his arm and several bags nearby.

He had 23 years sober before he relapsed on heroin last year.

In “Almost Famous,” as legendary 1970s music critic Lester Bangs.

The news literally knocked the wind out of me and I cried, the way I cried the day I heard David Foster Wallace (another addict) topped himself. My first thought in both cases was selfish: Now we never get any more of their brilliant work.

My second thought was for their partners, and Hoffman’s kids. Hoffman had—has? had?—three kids. “Young children,” they are described in the New York Times story. Village residents who saw him around the neighborhood are describing him on Twitter as a generous dude who was kind and unpretentious when he brought his kids to the coffee shops.

23 years? Damn. Just goes to show that is you’re a real addict (not just a heavy user), you can never stop maintaining your recovery.

Thanks to Jennifer Matesa for sharing her reactions.

via Philip Seymour Hoffman. | Guinevere Gets Sober.

[UPDATE: The first sentence was edited based on a commenter suggestion. It originally read, “It’s nice to see someone die of addiction and be remembered…”. It’s never nice to see someone die of addiction.]