Faith is given in sufficient quantities to communities

(This post was originally published on September 11, 2013) I recently listened to an interview with Nadia Bolz-Weber. There were a lot of keepers in the interview (even for a non-believer). She's described as a recovering drug addict. Her recovery shines through in this, "fake it till you make it" discussion: Ms. Tippett: So a sermon … Continue reading Faith is given in sufficient quantities to communities


Yesterday, I was reading This Will Make You Smarter and thought that the concept of umwelt could be enormously helpful for my social work students and Dawn Farm's counseling staff: In 1909, the biologist Jakob von Uexküll introduced the concept of the umwelt. He wanted a word to express a simple (but often overlooked) observation: different … Continue reading Umwelt

You start losing everything

NY Magazine shares a jarring photo essay. (Trigger warning, the images are pretty graphic.) Most documentary projects about addiction expose someone else’s self-destructive behavior, but Graham MacIndoe took a very different approach: He photographed himself during the years he was addicted to drugs. He’d place a cheap digital camera on a table or bookshelf, set the … Continue reading You start losing everything

What we project onto Philip Seymour Hoffman

Jen Matesa pushes back against some of the commentary framing Philip Seymour Hoffman's attempt to re-establish his recovery through a 12 step program as a product of stigma. (This, in spite of the fact that he had previously maintained recovery using this path for 23 years.) I find it astonishingly patronizing that some are suggesting … Continue reading What we project onto Philip Seymour Hoffman