Recovery Review is a community of recovery-oriented experts on addiction and addiction recovery. Our backgrounds include public policy, research, physician health programs, methadone maintenance, collegiate recovery, urban crisis services, hospital-based mental health and substance use disorder services, and teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels.

History of this blog

This blog started in 2005, while I (Jason) was working for Dawn Farm.

I hoped that it would inform my staff’s work and help convey the message that recovery is possible for even the most troubled people with addiction when they are offered help in adequate quality, duration, and intensity by providers and systems who believe they are capable of full recovery.

The blog was also intended to offer an alternative to media coverage, research bias, and stigma often obscure this.

I left Dawn Farm in 2019 and they kept Addiction and Recovery News. We copied all of my posts over here and started this new format.

The name

My favorite addiction and recovery blog was called Recovery Review and was created by someone under the name DJ Mac. It’s long gone, but I felt the need to ask for his blessing, which he gave. You can still read his old blog via the wayback machine.