The Misconceptions Go Round

Anna David vents her frustration about recent distortions of 12 step groups in coverage of Philip Seymour Hoffman's death: ...I grow concerned about factually inaccurate information being spread in ways that are truly dangerous. That happened when I stumbled upon this io9 post which states, about 12-step, both that “the problem is that the sponsor system doesn’t … Continue reading The Misconceptions Go Round

Tribes of the recovering community

Narcotics Anonymous has gotten a lot of attention this week after Philip Seymour Hoffman's death, so it'll be this week's tribe: Narcotics Anonymous is a global, community-based organization with a multi-lingual and multicultural membership. NA was founded in 1953, and our membership growth was minimal during our initial twenty years as an organization. Since the … Continue reading Tribes of the recovering community