A basic human right

A letter to The Guardian expresses a sentiment that I believe is unsaid but at the at the root of many drug policy disagreements:

the “war” is not only wrong in practice, it is wrong in principle.

The right to intoxicate is a fundamental human right, as basic as the rights to worship or to engage in dangerous sports. It’s not the state’s business to tell us what to do with our leisure as long as we are not hurting others.

Virtually every society throughout history has used intoxicants; there is something truly grotesque about our leaders who on the one hand enjoy their own drinking and smoking, and on the other use the vast revenues they take from taxing these two drugs in order to pursue and imprison those whose taste is for an intoxication different to theirs.


2 thoughts on “A basic human right

  1. Jason – this isn’t really on topic but I just heard about K2 are you familar with this crap that is selling in gas stations in Ypsi as insence but kids are smoking it and dying.


  2. I’m somewhat familiar with it and it is sold at a lot of gas stations. It’s supposed to be very similar to marijuana, though users seem to describe it has having effects similar to DXM.

    I’ve never heard of anyone dying from it and I’d be pretty skeptical of any reports of death.

    Thanks for reading!


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