Houston, we have a problem – narrowly focused care is not the bridge to recovery we need

Reflecting on articles on addiction and recovery that has come my way over the last week. Some encouraging, some more than a bit worrisome. In this post, I will try to weave them together in the context of long-term recovery. History shows us that framing addiction in narrow, single drug strategies sets us up time … Continue reading Houston, we have a problem – narrowly focused care is not the bridge to recovery we need

Too expensive? (2015)

I frequently point to health professional recovery programs when discussing the effectiveness of drug-free treatment when it's delivered in the appropriate dose, frequency and duration. They have stellar outcomes. (More details here.) The programs were abstinence-based, requiring physicians to abstain from any use of alcohol or other drugs of abuse as assessed by frequent random … Continue reading Too expensive? (2015)

The Emperor of All Maladies

Throwback Sunday - I thought this old post on parallels between cancer, oncology, addiction, addiction treatment and recovery would be a good pairing with yesterday's post on professional attitudes toward difficult to treat illnesses. ================== I've been reading The Emperor of All Maladies and I've been very struck by the parallels between the is philosophical and practical … Continue reading The Emperor of All Maladies

Dopey, Boozy, Smoky—and Stupid

This week's Throwback Sunday post focuses on a 2007 policy article by Mark Kleiman. In 2013, Kleiman was selected as the project leader to write Washington State's marijuana regulations after the drug was decriminalized through a ballot initiative. =========================== The National Interest has a lengthy article on drug policy by Mark A.R. Kleiman. I disagree … Continue reading Dopey, Boozy, Smoky—and Stupid