“the drug of choice right now”

Suboxone (hint: the fish) was hidden in this coloring book.

The NY Times reports on the new hot drug in prisons:

Mr. Barrett and other prison officials nationwide are searching their facilities, mail and visitors for Suboxone, a drug used as a treatment for opiate addiction that has become coveted as contraband. Innovative smugglers have turned crushed Suboxone pills into a paste and spread it under stamps or over children’s artwork, including pages from a princess coloring book found in a New Jersey jail.

The drug also comes in thin strips, which dissolve under the tongue, that smugglers have tucked behind envelope seams and stamps.

“It’s become a crisis in here, to be honest with you,” said Maj. Francine Breton, administrator of the Cumberland County Jail in Portland, Me. “It’s the drug of choice right now.”

Law enforcement officials say that Suboxone, which is prescribed to treat addiction to heroin and powerful painkillers like oxycodone, has become a drug of abuse in its own right, resulting in prison smuggling efforts from New Mexico to Maine.

2 thoughts on ““the drug of choice right now”

  1. I was told it sold for £40-£50 (approx $60-$80) for an 8mg tablet in Her Majesty’s Prisons currently. That’s an indication of its currency.

    1. Wow. That’s a lot of money.

      For it to be selling at a higher price than several doses of heroin it has to be for something other than avoiding withdrawal. Is the high that good?

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