Treatment-oriented harm reduction

It’s good to see a harm reduction message that also encourages seeking treatment.

It’s too bad that the treatment that is likely to be available will not be recovery-oriented.

2 thoughts on “Treatment-oriented harm reduction

  1. I agree, a positive message. However the likely intervention that will be offered is methadone maintenance treatment with litte in the way of psychosocial interventions.

    It’s likely that less than one in twenty will be offered residential treatment or other specific abstinence oriented treatment.

  2. Hya, thanks for linking thought to the poster and leaflet I wrote. The intention for the leaflet was to both keep a focus on OD prevention (when the heroin quality increases we are likely to see deaths, this is already happening in Ireland).

    However there is a strong focus on using this drought as a time to stop use, either from entering substitute treatment (as PeaPod suggests) or using self detox techniques (the article that the poster etc is in links to a guide to self detox).

    These documents where originally written for my ‘day job’ which although its a team providing an NSP service it is also very focused on providing people the services they want including self detox and linking into local fellowship meetings.

    Hope this gives some clarification.

    Nigel B

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