Shrinking demand

This is encouraging, though Bush wasn’t too far away from this sentiment. The landscape is clearly changing. Politicians are moving away from “drug warrior” rhetoric, but they’re not taking action. I’m not sure whether it’s not a priority or if they are still too afraid to expose themselves to “soft on drugs” accusations.

“On drugs, I think a lot of times we’ve been so focused on arrests, incarceration, interdiction, that we don’t spend as much time thinking about how do we shrink demand,” he said.

“In some cities, for example, it may take six months for you to get into a drug treatment program. Well, if you are trying to kick a habit and somebody says to you, come back in six months, that’s pretty discouraging.”

He said it was worth looking at the allocation of resources between law enforcement and health programs, but vowed not to let up on traffickers.