Sentences to ponder

My beautiful picture“The average person, understandably, doesn’t realize how careful scientific research has virtually wiped out skepticism of AA and twelve-step facilitation counseling among researchers. Many scientists — including me — were skeptical of AA 25 years ago, but a series of rigorous outcome studies supporting AA’s effectiveness changed our minds. Unlike in much of popular debate, within science it is generally accepted that if your beliefs don’t accord with the data, then it is your beliefs that must change.”

Keith Humphreys, Stanford Professor of Psychiatry, on the effectiveness of AA and Twelve Step Facilitation. He also wrote a Washington Post piece this weekend.

4 thoughts on “Sentences to ponder

    1. I think the same is true for methadone and buprenorphine. I don’t hear people questioning the evidence that they reduce crime, disease transmission, overdose and drug use.


  1. Regardless of the data, there are folk who are ideologically opposed and will never be convinced of the positive outcomes associated with 12-step group membership. Nevertheless I think it’s still important to bring people back to the evidence.


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