Sentences to ponder

"The average person, understandably, doesn’t realize how careful scientific research has virtually wiped out skepticism of AA and twelve-step facilitation counseling among researchers. Many scientists — including me — were skeptical of AA 25 years ago, but a series of rigorous outcome studies supporting AA’s effectiveness changed our minds. Unlike in much of popular debate, … Continue reading Sentences to ponder

Strong evidence

Keith Humphreys directs us to a new paper by SMART Recovery UK in support of mutual aid groups in general. It's well written and avoids sectarian arguments of 12 step vs. SMART. Although there is an extensive body of research into Mutual Aid, most studies are methodologically weak, typically describing correlations without the ability to infer … Continue reading Strong evidence

Non-Violent State Inmates Declining for 20 Years

From Keith Humphreys: Prison is the subject of many myths in the public policy world. For example, many people believe that the size of the prison population has continued to rise under President Obama, when in fact it has fallen. Other observers maintain that prison populations drop during economic downturns, when in fact the reverse has generally … Continue reading Non-Violent State Inmates Declining for 20 Years