Dawn Farm loves moms!

MomsWe talk to a lot of moms every day.

If being a mom is a tough job with big rewards, this is even truer for moms of addicts. Especially when the rewards aren’t guaranteed.

Here are some of the reasons we love moms at Dawn Farm.

Moms are the people who most often seek treatment for the addict.

Moms are the people who see the goodness in the addict and continue to interact with it, even when everyone else thinks they are naive and in denial.

Moms keep hope alive when everyone else (including the addict) has given up.

Moms lead the charge on the charitable giving that makes it possible for Dawn Farm to maintain our scholarships and independence.

Moms are also the ones that support our staff whose passion and compassion has led them into a career that doesn’t promise much in the way of status or financial reward.

We hope the moms out there had a great mother’s day!

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