Recovery is good for business


A cool story from Fast Company:

Today, Michael Dadashi is the CEO of MHD Enterprises, a multi-million dollar e-waste recycling company based in Austin. But five years ago he was a heroin addict who couldn’t keep a job and nearly lost his life to an overdose–and that was his turning point. “I’ve been given a second chance over a hundred times,” Dadashi says. “People have really believed in me. I’ve let them down. They believed in me again, and I let them down–but it paid off because in 2009 I finally got sober.”

MHD takes used IT equipment from large companies or returned consumer products and refurbishes, resells, or recycles them. What sets MHP apart from other e-waste recycling companies is that nearly 70% of the staff are recovering or former addicts. “I got plugged into the fact that if I focus my efforts on helping other people get sober, then I can stay sober–and that’s why giving people a second chance is so important to me.”

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