Waiting for Breaking Good?

Bill White shares his perspectivetv on what the media misses in coverage of drug and alcohol problems.

3.   The media mistakenly conflate recovery with active addiction and addiction treatment with addiction recovery.  

4.   Media outlets portray addiction recovery as an exception to the rule.

5.   Media coverage of drug-related celebrity mayhem and death contributes to professional and public pessimism about the prospects of successful, long-term addiction recovery.

6.   When the story of recovery is told, it is most often told from the perspective of the recovery initiate rather than from the perspective of long-term recovery.

7.   When personal recovery is conveyed by the media as a dramatic story of redemption, the media often inflate and elevate the recovering person to a pedestal position and then circle like piranhas in a feeding frenzy at the first sign of any failure to live up to that imposed image.

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