Tribes of the Recovering Community – Birds of a Feather

Orville CThis week’s tribe is Birds of a Feather International:

Birds of a Feather was formed in response to the need for meeting places for pilots and cockpit crewmembers where the subjects of addiction to alcohol or drugs might be discussed with impunity and anonymity.  The cultural bias concerning these subjects has prevented many pilots in the past from seeking advice in this area.   Birds of a Feather intends to address, in an atmosphere of support, the facts–in that the members are alcoholic themselves and have a means whereby productive lives in their chosen profession can be maintained.

Our concern is recovery from alcoholism.  We have no loyalties to any company, government institution, medical facility, union, Employee Assistant Program, treatment center or specific recovery program.  The fear of loss or limitation to our careers because of this misunderstood disease has been a very real concern to all of us and the understanding of those concerns to be found here is priceless.  BOAF has contributed immeasurably to our own recovery and the spirit of passing this philosophy on to others who also might benefit is the reason for Birds of a Feather.