Recovery is Contagious

Bill White on the infectious nature of recovery:

“We all have the potential to be recovery carriers.  Becoming a recovery carrier requires several things.  It requires that we protect our recoveries at all cost–Recovery by any means necessary under any circumstances.  It requires that we help our families recover.  It requires the courage to reach out to those whose lives are still being ravaged.  It requires that we give back to NET and other organizations that helped us along the way.  And it requires that in our new life, we try to heal the wounds we inflicted on our community in our past life.”

“Addiction is visible everywhere in this culture, but the transformative power of recovery is hidden behind closed doors.  It is time we all became recovery carriers.  It is time we helped our community, our nation, and our world recover.  To achieve this, we must become recovery.  We must be the face and voice of recovery.  We must be the living future of recovery.”

via Recovery is Contagious Redux | Blog & New Postings | William L. White.

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