Recovery for life?

Writing Desk 2008

Our friend Bill White has been blogging. This is great news! To my mind, he’s been the most important voice in addiction treatment, recovery and research of both. His writing is very accessible and he bridges experiential knowledge and empirical knowledge.

He’s also been amazingly prolific. The downside of this is that his body of work can be overwhelming. It looks like he plans to use the blog highlight important findings/stories/lessons with links back to the source documents. 🙂

His most recent post is on recovery for life:

“When does recovery today predict recovery for life?”  After investigating all of the scientific evidence I could locate on this question, I have regularly responded that this point of durability seems to be reached at 4-5 years of continuous recovery, meaning that less than 15% of those who reach that point will re-experience active addiction within their lifetime (with opioid addiction potentially being closer to the 25% mark).