Drinking when in recovery from other substances

Drink does not drown care, but waters it, and makes it grow fasterBenjamin Franklin When we consider the things that make us vulnerable to addiction – trauma, poverty, lack of opportunity, stress, stigma, genetics and environment, it’s no surprise that relapse and the development of problems with other substances occur after treatment. These problems don't … Continue reading Drinking when in recovery from other substances

The ten most important things about addiction (part 2)

The conclusion of the two-parter. Part one is here. Professor Selman’s last five essentials: 6. Different therapies appear to produce similar treatment outcomes. Project MATCH, a huge psychotherapy trial showed similar outcomes for the techniques of motivational enhancement therapy, twelve step facilitation and cognitive behavioural therapy. Other trials including British ones have shown the same results. … Continue reading The ten most important things about addiction (part 2)

Who’s “we”?

This article is making the rounds and getting some attention. The post below addresses the issues raised. (originally posted on 10/31/2014) ==================================== This article has been forwarded to me by several people. Its author has been writing a series of articles that seek to redefine addiction and recovery. As Eve Tushnet recently observed, "There’s another narrative, … Continue reading Who’s “we”?

Reducing overdoses

A new leader in the Open Society Institute shares a sensible perspective on reducing overdoses: Looking ahead, reducing drug overdoses will require major shifts in how we approach substance use. First, and possibly most importantly, Maryland needs to connect individuals struggling with addiction to high-quality addiction treatment that is integrated with their primary care. Primary care providers … Continue reading Reducing overdoses