No. 1 Littered Item in the United States is on Roads and Beaches?

…cigarette butts are the No. 1 littered item every year on U.S. roadways and beaches.

Cigarette butt. ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Sigarettsneip.

It had to be about 19 years ago that I flicked a cigarette butt to the ground and stepped on it outside of a meeting. My sponsor ran over and picked up and threw it out saying, “What’s wrong with you. Don’t you know that’s littering?”

I didn’t.

I had some weird blindness to the fact that every time I tossed a butt out the car window or onto the ground, I was littering. Littering was outside of my values and I was so obviously littering and was completely blind to it. Not even a twinge of shame.

I knew he was right and I was embarrassed. I never did it again after that day.