Go Chris Christie!

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A few weeks ago I shared some great comments from Chris Christie about the moral imperative to provide treatment to offenders with drug and alcohol problems.

This week he called for New Jersey flags to be flown at half mast in honor of Whitney Houston.

Not surprisingly, the decision has received some criticism. But Chris Christie is pushing back:

Christie said he’s disturbed people are disparaging Houston’s accomplishments because of her troubles with substance abuse.

“This is a disease that some people struggle with and conquer on a day-to-day basis, and some people succumb to it. And I don’t believe that that should diminish the other contributions they’ve made in their life,” Christie said.

“I’m not saying that Whitney Houston is a role model. She’s not a role model in that respect, in every aspect of her life. But what she is is a cultural icon in the history of this state,” he said. “I’m disturbed by people who believe … because of her history of substance abuse, that somehow she’s forfeited the good things that she did in her life. I just reject that on a human level.”


I’ve never been a Whitney fan and I doubt I’d call for flags to be flown at half mast. So, I have no problem with criticism of that decision, but I’m bothered that so much of the criticism suggests that she’s unworthy because she was a drug addict.

Good for him for leaning into it.

2 thoughts on “Go Chris Christie!

  1. I just like him period. I was sad when he announced that he wasn’t running for the GOP nomination (all eleven times!) He stated that he’s got too much to work on in NJ & that’s where he wants to be right now! From everything I’ve learned about him, I think he’s a solid person & I wish he were running MI!!! But then again I vote Republican, LOL!

    1. I’ll say that I really like his comments on addiction and leave it at that 😉

      I’ll add that I also like the way he and Cory Booker appear to work together.

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