Contagious recovery

contagious by Hanga Girl

PeaPod has an interview with a U.K. recovery advocate who offers an nice list of ways meetings support recovery:

I believe that a mutual aid meeting has several features that help to foster and facilitate recovery, by which I mean abstinence-based freedom from addiction.

  • It is a place of safety, away from drugs and active drug use.
  • Those attending are – generally – completely committed to that freedom.
  • They see themselves as equals. There really is no hierarchy.
  • The newest person is the most important.
  • It is a source of visible, viable, contagious recovery.
  • It is a place where hope, and love, and compassion are to be found.
  • It is where people learn that recovery is an inside job, and spiritual in nature.

Being lovingly asked to sit down, shut up, and listen for the similarities, not the differences, was some of the best advice I have ever been given!

It saddens and frustrates me that so many addicts do not have access to what I was offered. That there is so much recovery resistance in the ‘Recovery Industry’ is hard to accept, but I am beginning to understand why that is…