“Good for her”

A libertarian’s response to Amy Winehouse’s death:

Seems to me Amy Winehouse had the life she wanted. So good for her.

I like Wilkinson and I have an affinity for libertarians, but their inability to see that addiction impairs the exercise of free will is a real problem for me.

They insist on framing addictive behavior as an expression of free will, AND frame any attempt to interfere with addictive drug use as an attempt to deprive the addict of their liberty rather than an attempt to restore their liberty.

4 thoughts on ““Good for her”

  1. I got sober after being court ordered into a publicly financed rehabilitation center and spending an additional year in a publicly and privately financed halfway house. Now I happily pay my taxes and contribute to society. I feel personal animosity toward libertarians because I believe most of them would have ignorantly left me to die in the gutter. Also, it is idiotic to think that treating your own sewage is preferable to paying taxes. That is all.

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