Catching addiction?

I think this post downplays the legitimate concerns associated with the explosion in prescription opiate misuse.

In a post last week, I said this about prescription opiates:

… they’re the fastest growing segment of the drug problem in the states. And, they’re currently associated with high rates of OD. And, it’s increasingly associated with crime. And, they’ve surpassed marijuana as the drug most often used by someone trying drugs for the first time. And, they’ve become a significant problem with teens.

It’s also the fastest growing segment of treatment admissions.

However, it does a good job challenging the myth that addiction is something that one catches. (Though new understandings of early exposure and brain plasticity do raise concerns about early use leading to addiction.)


2 thoughts on “Catching addiction?

  1. What, Maia Szalavitz writing something potentially half-baked? No! (typed in Sarcasmaholics Anonymous italics: Articles like that one are the reason I remain skeptical of the fix.

    Incidentally, I’m visiting family in the midwest and took a trip to Ann Arbor, today, and learned that Dawn Farms is in the neighborhood and a friend of a friend went through the program. Everyone was raving about what a great program it is, so kudos to you!

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