Personal Failure or System Failure?

Bill White explaining why inadequate treatment may be worse than no treatment: What we know from primary medicine is that ineffective treatments (via placebo effects) or an inadequate dose of a potentially effective treatment (e.g., as in antibiotic treatment of bacterial infections) may temporarily suppress symptoms.  Such treatments create the illusion of resumed health, but … Continue reading Personal Failure or System Failure?

The Unintended Consequences Of Medical “Maximalism”

The Health Affairs blog questions the American Heart Association's maximalist approach with the use of statins. The issues sound familiar. The policy implications of these guidelines are staggering. Estimates show that if these recommendations are fully implemented, close to a third of all Americans will be placed on a statin. But these developments beg the … Continue reading The Unintended Consequences Of Medical “Maximalism”

The memory disease

Authors Michael W. Clune and Tao Lin discussed their recent books for Believer magazine. Tao Lin points out a theme of seeking to get outside oneself as a response to "internal malfunctioning or uncontrollable-seeming, undesirable behavior." He points to this passage from book, White Out: The only way to recover from the memory disease is … Continue reading The memory disease