Integrating MAT, Abstinence-Based Approaches to Recovery 

An interesting discussion with a passionate advocate for MAT expansion and the most prominent advocate for the “new paradigm“:

What is the process for successfully integrating these 2 approaches? What are the biggest hurdles providers face when accomplishing this goal?

Dr DuPont: The biggest hurdle is the staff reluctance, even the staff distaste, for the integration of an alternative as an option for patients who want it. There is an ideological and visceral rejection of the integration at the start that is challenging. But with gentle persistence, it has been overcome and the patients have benefited.  

Dr Poland: I also find that patients are a bit reluctant to share their experiences with 12-Step—good or bad—somehow, they’re expecting a reaction from me—either insistence they go or disdain for the program. Again, being open and nonjudgmental about what works for an individual allows us to best care for them. And, I’ve definitely learned a lot from my patients about how to integrate the 2 modalities in a way that complements each other.

I’m looking for a recording.

3 thoughts on “Integrating MAT, Abstinence-Based Approaches to Recovery 

  1. What is the process for integrating these? One approach is to back up before all 3, and start with the world view that the 3 topics of medication maintenance strategies, abstinence, and recovery, are not mutually exclusive and can inter-link.

    For example, “recovery” in its simplest clinical sense can mean “getting better”, “abstinence” can mean “just for this moment no non-prescribed use”, and “medication maintenance” can be a simple matter of taking your mediction one day at a time.

    If one backs up far enough, and keeps things practical, they already integrate.

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  2. Last year I did a presentation at AATOD national conference on the new paradigm and it was well received. I have been increasingly wondering about the projection this bugaboo of anti 12 step vitriol as part of the recovery culture wars. Most 12 step members I know accept and support persons on MAT.

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