Sentences to ponder

“Drug abuse ceased to seem the preserve of a few eccentric or pathetic people and became a problem of national scope, with implications that touched American ideals.  However imperfect, the new statistics indicated that many new drug abusers came from the ‘best elements’ of society.  This discovery had important long-term results.  It broke the stereotype of the drug abuser as an essentially harmless, if useless, member of society who could be quarantined easily from respectable circles.  The information also raised the question of volition.  Many ‘medical addicts’ used drugs only because of accidental addiction or to control severe pain.  But a growing number of people seemed to take various drugs for pleasure or to escape reality.  Most people might pity the former kind of user but would prefer to control the latter kind.” p. 37 – 38

H. Wayne Morgan (1974)

Yesterday’s Addicts: American Society and Drug Abuse, 1865 – 1920