A consumer’s guide to research on substance use disorders (wrap up)

We’ve spent the last week exploring questions intended to help readers evaluate research for themselves.

  1. What is the treatment or intervention being studied?
  2. Who were the subjects?
  3. How long was the study?
  4. What outcomes did the study measure? (How did they define success?)
  5. What were the study methods?
  6. What were the actual findings and does the authors’ discussion accurately represent the findings?
  7. Were there any conflicts of interest (real or potential)?
  8. What questions does the study not answer?

Here it is all together.

What did I miss? How might you improved it? (Keep in mind that this is intended for non-academics.)

One thought on “A consumer’s guide to research on substance use disorders (wrap up)

  1. It’s been a great guide and covers pretty much all the bases for me. i think the other things to bear in mind in terms of potential impact of the research are things like: will it be noticed? (many good pieces of research seem to slip under the radar) and if noticed, will it have impact and change practice. The policy and political landscape at the time may determine how much weight is given to research.

    One potential positive to blogging is to highlight good research and encourage stakeholders to consider and reflect on it.

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