“I’m afraid of never finding people that understand”

I recently listened to this episode from the podcast Rumble Strip. Erica Heilman interviews a high school senior whose mom and grandmother are addicted.

She’s a really impressive young woman. I hope she’s doing well in college. (This was recorded a year or two ago.)

This interview does a great job illuminating the effects of addiction on kids. Jesse seems very resilient and you get the sense she’s going to be ok. (Though it’s easy to imagine she pretty good at giving the impression everything is ok.) It’s harder to think about a kid who’s less resilient.

It’s a great illustration of what’s at stake when a parent is addicted.

We need a full array of treatment options of adequate quality, duration, and intensity accompanied by assertive outreach and good information that allows patients and families to make informed decisions in a marketplace that’s rife with hype and greed.

One thought on ““I’m afraid of never finding people that understand”

  1. My heart bleeds for her, what a world we live in. But also: what strength she has. I hope she will find rest, peace and safety with people who accept and understand what has been put upon her shoulders. Sending hugs.
    xx, Feeling


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