The mechanics of hope

Ok this post is a little odd.

I’ve spent a lot of years trying to understand the transmission/kindling of hope in others.

A friend recommended the podcast, “Missing Richard Simmons.” It’s good! But, I’m not posting this to recommend it.

There’s a segment in the first episode with a person named Kathy whose life was affected by Richard Simmons. You can hear her at 16:23 of the podcast.

It’s a nice story of him kindling hope in her life that led to important, positive change for her.

What are the essential elements of the story?

  • Going beyond what’s expected?
  • Commitment and consistency?
  • Equivalence and reciprocity?
  • Kindness?
  • The indirect message of the elements above – “you are important”?

What have I missed?

It’s also worth noting what wasn’t mentioned: him being an expert, giving advice, etc. Connection seems to me much more important than any of that.