We accept you for who you are and who you can become

PathwaysMost clients entering a treatment environment/ relationship do so with fear and ambivalence. The fear is fear of an alien environment, the feeling of vulnerability and lack of control, and the suspicion that they are in a place where they will not be understood and accepted… The earliest moments in the initiation of the treatment relationship must communicate the following to the client:

  • You are in the right place.
  • You are with others like yourself.
  • We understand you and the world you come from.
  • We accept who you are and who you can become.
  • This is a place where magic (change) can happen.

From: Pathways from the Culture of Addiction to the Culture of Recovery by William L. White

One thought on “We accept you for who you are and who you can become

  1. Thank you for posting, Jason! When executive level professionals leave treatment, they have those same fears: loss of control, becoming vulnerable, identifying with others. But on top of those concerns is the overriding question: Can I be a successful leader AND stay in recovery? In coaching, they have the space to address this question (and others) as they arise…sorting things out in real time and in a safe space.


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