Let it begin with me

photo_20150123_WM0028911_0_ek1991_20150123Points blog has a nice, personal post about Ernie Kurtz and some of the lesser known parts of his legacy.

“Let it begin with me” is not an AA but an Al-Anon slogan, but it’s a fitting way to close.  Scholarly history of AA began with Ernie Kurtz.  His willingness to engage and share, to encourage thought and research among academic disciplines, between the academy and the public, and, yes, across the sectarian rifts within AA itself– this willingness provided a model for the many collaborative projects through which AA history is now being done: the national AA archives workshops, the Sedona-Mago history symposia, the revitalization of Dr. Bob’s House and Stepping Stones, the publication projects of the Hindsfoot Foundation, and the work of Points.  When anyone, anywhere, reached out for help with AA history, the hand of Ernie Kurtz was there– inspiring, prompting, gently correcting, encouraging us all (a couple of generations now) to take part in the mystery of collaborative exploration of our history.  For that I am grateful, and I know I’m not alone.

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