We’re god. We might as well get good at it.

Dorothy_0011b God-Satan Desk SignsI was listening to a radiolab episode about efforts to restore ecosystems in the Galapagos islands and was struck by this line at 34:26.

We’re god. We might as well get good at it. And, we’re going to have to create these ecosystems based on our best science.

I’d wager that the speaker believes he’s just following the science in an empirical, rational and value-free manner.

I believe strongly in the value of research and evaluation. I believe in seeking truth. I believe in continuous learning.

BUT, I’m skeptical of people who insist the evidence says we should do X, OR they are only following the evidence, OR they are relying on value-neutral rational thought.

The truth is that these arguments conceal (probably unintentionally) their operational assumptions and values. It ends up making their writing and thinking less transparent.

They probably have some truth, maybe some important truths, but be skeptical of anyone who speaks or writes as though they have THE truth, whether it’s  delivered by god or science.

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