Sentences to ponder

wpid-wp-1406109969456.jpeg“For harm reductionists, addiction is sometimes viewed as a learning disorder. This semantic construction seems to hold out the possibility of learning to drink or use drugs moderately after using them addictively. The fact that some non-alcoholics drink too much and ought to cut back, just as some recreational drug users need to ease up, is certainly a public health issue—but one that is distinct in almost every way from the issue of biochemical addiction. By concentrating on the fuzziest part of the spectrum, where problem drinking merges into alcoholism, we’ve introduced fuzzy thinking with regard to at least some of the existing addiction research base. And that doesn’t help anybody find common ground.” —Dirk Hanson

One thought on “Sentences to ponder

  1. Thanks for sharing that. To my mind it’s an irresponsible and insidious lack of distinction made by those that don’t appreciate the consequences of substance abuse by those of us who have been and/or are genuinely addicted.


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