“not all marijuana users are of equal concern to us”


Keith Humphreys imagines the reactions of various stakeholders to this graph showing marijuana consumption Colorado.

  • He imagines public health workers expressing concern about the bottom two bars and trying to promote policies that will reduce the amount these heavy users consume.
  • Next, he imagines a corporate board room voicing interest in attracting users in the bottom two bars to their brand and finding ways to retain them.
  • Finally, he puts us in the legislature, which is torn between improving public health and the tax revenue these heavy users provide.

He adds that this illustrates that there is no such thing as valuefree policy.



4 thoughts on ““not all marijuana users are of equal concern to us”

  1. I’d be interested to know how many of the frequent users were Medical Marijuana patients, i.e. using Marijuana for a medical condition, much like diabetics use Insulin. At that point I don’t believe that the generalization of low income, mental issues, yada, yada, is correct.


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