Those stupid meetings

man-on-bedErnie Kurtz offers his perspective on the spirituality of AA.

Ah yes, those “stupid meetings.” Well, in the first place, meetings are a very useful place in which to find others whom one may help. Most of the time, in most of our acquaintanceships, individuals do not show their need, do not ask for help. But at an AA meeting even the newest newcomer – perhaps still reeking from his last binge, though more likely still dazed from her recent treatment experience – even that rawest fledgling realizes that he or she is helping by mere presence, offering a useful “Remember when” to perhaps more jaded members who had begun to forget their own first meeting.

And there are always, at every meeting, some present who need help – usually about 110 percent of the attendees.

It’s the kind of piece that’s hard to pull a quote from, so take the time to read the whole thing.