Eating Disorders – from the Dawn Farm Education Series

This program will examine the evidence that eating disorders are true biopsychosocial diseases, similar to chemical dependency. The program will define various eating disorders and their consequences, explore neurobiological and behavioral theories of addiction, describe physiological consequences of eating disorders, discuss screening tools, and provide information on treatment options and resources for people with eating disorders.

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About the presenters:

Carl Christensen, MD, PhD, MRO

Carl Christensen

Dr. Christensen is an Associate Professor in the Departments of OB Gyn and Psychiatry at WSU School of Medicine. He obtained his MD and PhD in Biochemistry at Wayne State University School of Medicine and did his residency in OB Gyn at Hutzel Hospital. He then completed a Fellowship in Gyn Oncology at Duke University Medical Center. He later became certified in Addiction Medicine and is also certified as a Medical Review Officer.

He is currently the Medical Director for the Student Health Monitoring Program at the WSU School of Medicine, which is designed after the Michigan Health Professional Recovery Program (HPRP). He is also currently the Vice Chairman of the Michigan Health Professional Recovery Committee, which oversees the HPRP.

In addition to treating pain and chemical dependency in his private practice at Pain Recovery Solutions in Ann Arbor, Dr Christensen specializes in treatment of chronic pain, especially pelvic pain, and the treatment of addiction in pregnant patients.
He is the current Medical Director of the James Wardell Women’s Recovery Center, an outpatient program dedicated to caring for pregnant, chemically dependent women, as well as the Medical Director at the Substance Abuse Research Division in the Department of Psychiatry at WSU. He is the current President of the Michigan Society of Addiction Medicine. He is the Associate Residency Program Director for the OB Gyn residency at Wayne State University/Detroit Medical Center and has received numerous teaching awards.
He has been named one of the “Top Docs” in Addiction Medicine in Hour Magazine for 2006, 2007 and 2008. He has also served as a past Medical Director for Dawn Farm.

He lives in Superior Township with his wife Cathy, a Nurse Practitioner, and their 3 dogs and multiple rescue cats.

Lori Perpich, MS, LLP
EDEN Program Facilitator, ED League of Michigan Member

Lori started working directly with women recovering from eating disorders in 2000 through an organization called EDEN (The Eating Disorders and Education Network). She became a facilitator in both Washtenaw and Livingston County. For 8 years she led groups through the EDEN Process. The EDEN Process is a 17- week course of one hour meetings. Each meeting covers a specific topic related to recovery and or the acquisition of behavioral skills to break disordered eating habits. Lori facilitated 2 groups per year for women recovering (ages 18-55), and a separate group in each county for families and supporters. In 2004 she began working on her Masters in Clinical Behavioral Psychology at Eastern Michigan University with a clinical interest in behavioral approaches to eating disorders. Lori became involved with Dawn Farm through EDEN, and later conducted her Psychology internship at Dawn Farm. This opened a door for Lori to work with clients experiencing co-addiction of eating disorders and chemicals. Since graduation in 2008 she has been working individually with eating disorder clients in Ann Arbor many of which are dually diagnosed with chemical addiction. Lori continues to lead an ongoing EDEN group in Ann Arbor.

Lori’s personal approach to eating disorder treatment is both whole and behavioral. She approaches eating disorders as an addiction with physiological and classically conditioned or escape maintained behaviors. She examines with her clients both their skills for intervening in habit breaking and their overall balance in emotional, social, physical, and spiritual health. She works with her clients to find their most powerful self- worth, accountability and motivations which will give them the strength to intervene in their disorder. She herself is a recovered bulimic and draws on her experience to aid clients through recovery and seeking balance.

Lori has two sons and lives in the Livingston County Area.

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