Tribes of the recovering community – Clergy

We’ll wrap the tribes of the recovering community series with a few mutual aid groups for recovering clergy.

Clergy Recovery Network – The Clergy Recovery Network exists to support, encourage and provide resources to religious professionals in recovery. If you are a pastor, missionary, religious professional–or a spouse of one–and you need help . . .welcome home. We have been waiting for you.

Fellowship of Recovering Lutheran Clergy – The Fellowship recognizes addiction as primary, progressive, predictable, chronic and terminal. Addiction can be arrested at any stage of its development. Recovery from any and all addiction is a spiritual process. The Fellowship bears witness to this truth at every level in the Church. Lutheran clergy struggling with any form of addiction are welcome in this fellowship. We will do whatever we can to give you support.

Recovered Alcoholic Clergy Association300px-Chartres_-_cathédrale_-_rosace_nord – The Recovered Alcoholic Clergy Association (RACA) is a working fellowship of the clergy of the Episcopal Church. We do enjoy ecumenical contacts with recovering ordained persons from other traditions even though membership is limited to current and former clergy of the Episcopal Church.

Any bishop, priest, deacon, member of a religious order, or seminarian who has a desire to stop using mood altering chemicals is eligible for membership. RACA is always willing offer support and counsel to ordained members of other religious traditions who want to discover the miracle of recovery as we have experienced it.

RACA has grown from the original six organizers in 1968 to 280 in 2014 our forty-sixth year of being more or less organized..