Tribes of the recovering community

FinalWelbrietyMovmntlogo-blksmaller_001This week’s tribe are Wellbriety Circles:

Wellbriety means to be both sober and well. It means to have come through recovery from chemical dependency and to be a recovered person who is going beyond survival to thriving in his or her life and in the life of the community. The Well part of Wellbriety means to live the healthy parts of the principles, laws and values of traditional culture. It means to heal from dysfunctional behaviors other than chemical dependency, as well as chemical dependency itself. This includes co dependency, ACOA behavior, domestic or family violence, gambling, and other shortcomings of character.

2 thoughts on “Tribes of the recovering community

  1. Fantastic!
    I have viewed my sobriety as thus far in two phases that are difficult to delineate but are, when seen from a mile high, distinctly different.
    I began by going dry by living life in the absence of substance abuse but did nothing to address the issues that reside within me. While my life improved, I neglected to identify that my substance abuse was the symptom of a greater sickness from which I suffered.
    After some time had passed, I chose to be vulnerable, open, honest and receptive to learning about myself. Recognizing the fears that disallowed me from living a healthy, loving life was the first step towards my true sobriety.
    Day by day, and not without setbacks, I learned acceptance, humility, selflessness and how to love. With these lessons, that are forever ongoing (and not because I am incapable of learning a lesson once, rather the world around me changes every moment of every day and I have learned to adapt) I have gained the knowledge how to live in, as described in the post, welbriety.
    Thank you for sharing this!


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