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We need to get over our emotional response to the word ‘heroin’ and look at this treatment (heroin maintenance treatment) for what it is — opiate replacement therapy, the same premise as methadone provision. —Meghan Ralston

Many layers to this one.

Take some time to let it soak in.

What is the premise?

Thank goodness I get to work at a place that believes in recovery.

5 thoughts on “Sentences to ponder

  1. I thank goodness that I work in a place that knows through evidence based practices that Medication Assisted Treatment can also be recovery.


    1. Hi Cheryl,

      I was waiting for a comment like yours.

      So, what would you say to heroin maintenance advocates who argue its premise is the same as methadone?




    2. Also, I’d be very interested in seeing an annual report or something similar from a recovery-oriented methadone program like the one you describe. Seriously. Please send me something.


  2. Amen.It is my belief that ideas of staying on drugs in order to get off drugs and believing you can find fulfillment without recovery are rooted in delusion.This newest incarnation is no different than when I kicked heroin and methadone in 97 or my attempt to be a sober addict but a functioning alcoholic for 17 yrs after I kicked.

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    1. Thanks! You put your finger on a key issue. Studies examining methadone tend to evaluate frequency of opiate use. By that measure, you were a big success, even though you were a practicing alcoholic.

      Now, I’m skeptical that maintenance is a good path to what you I think of as recovery. Fortunately, even methadone advocates are arguing that research focusing on the absence (or reduction) of crime, opiate use, disease, etc. is not good enough–that they need to start researching recovery in methadone programs.

      I hope serious people work on researching it and I look forward to seeing it.

      In the meantime, I’m grateful you’ve found your way into recovery in spite of some of the unhelpful help you’ve received.


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