Songs of addiction and recovery

Gene Ween (Real name is Aaron Freeman.) will be releasing a new album next month. He talks about the album, his recovery and why the timing of this album of covers fits well with his early recovery.

4 thoughts on “Songs of addiction and recovery

  1. I wanted to let you know I linked to one of Dawn Farm’s excellent addiction 101 series on my blog. I hope it encourages people to explore the other videos. They helped me a lot during my son’s active addiction.


      1. here

        the post is actually answering questions I get from readers. It does not just pertain to addiction. You have to click “family roles” in the post to get to the Dawns Farms link. However, you are welcome to leave a comment and let readers know how to access your other podcasts. Or let me know (I know they are on itunes) an easy place to access them, I’ll post it on my blog.


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