Smartphones for recovery

I recently got an android phone and was looking at this app today.

The app allows for all sorts of automation and reminders. It got me thinking ab0ut what might be possible for relapse prevention in treatment. Some possible uses include:

    • Warning text messages based on location. Old using haunts, for example. These text messages could be pre-written by client as a message to his/herself in the event of high risk behavior.
    • Prompts to call sponsors/supports if they haven’t been called in a certain interval.
    • Blocking numbers of dealers or people who will encourage drug use.
    • Prompts to do spot check inventory.
    • Prompts to make gratitude lists, based on inventory.
    • Prompt and display literature, based on inventory.
    • Notification of local meetings based on location.

    Pretty cool for the motivated client and the tech savvy helper.

    All for under $7 with something many clients already own and carry with them constantly.