40 by Krynowek Eine

You might look inside yourself and think you know yourself, but over many decades you can change in ways you won’t see ahead of time. Don’t assume you know who you will become. This applies all the more to folks around you. You may know who they are now, but not who they will become. —Robin Harris

I’m 40 today and I got sober 6 days after my 19th birthday. So . . . it’s a time of some reflection.

This quote couldn’t be more true for me. I could not have anticipated who I would become.

It continues to be true. The changes are not as dramatic as they were 20 years ago, but I could not have foreseen how I would change in recent years.

I’m grateful for all of the friends, family and helpers along the way that accepted me for who I was and for who I might become. I’m especially grateful because the former wasn’t always pretty and the latter was unknown to all of us. Seriously. . . thank goodness that counselor, my family and the people I met in the recovering community didn’t write me off as permanently disabled. Too many people are not as fortunate.

Many of you may not have known what to do or say, but you offered your experience, strength, hope and your patient support as a fellow traveler on this journey.

I see things I didn’t see before and I see things in ways I didn’t appreciate before.

Recovery has been good to me.

Getting older isn’t so bad.

Thanks to all of you.

4 thoughts on “grateful

  1. Happy Birthday! I love the idea of treasuring and honouring who we may become. Thanks to you too for your part in my own recovery, made through your writing.

  2. What a victory! I wasn’t much a part of your early journey, but I am grateful to bask in the benefits of your experience and wisdom now. I remain open, curious, and excited in regards to the becoming you, the becoming me, and all the becoming members of our family. Happy Birthday!

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