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confidence by shinesforyou

Here’s a finding that suggests some kinds of self-efficacy can be harmful to drinking outcomes:

Results indicated that the group falsely led to believe that they had a high level of drinking restraint subsequently consumed more beer than the group led to believe that they had a low level of drinking restraint. This study demonstrates that beliefs about drinking restraint can influence drinking behavior, in that individuals who overestimate their control over drinking are at greater risk of drinking to excess when exposed to tempting situations.

Obviously, whether the subject is an alcoholic (with significant loss of control) is an important consideration. Also the goal of controlled drinking vs. abstinence is a factor.

It also brings to mind something from Stephanie Covington about feminine vs. masculine conceptions of power. She argued that the 12 steps reject a masculine notion of power, “power over”, in favor of a more feminine, “power with”.