Hey, it will help control it

Our national drug is alcohol. We tend to regard the
use of any other drug with special horror. 

– William Burroughs

An apparent trend at college football stadiums:

An increasing number of colleges are selling beer to legal-age drinkers to increase profits, according to The Des Moines Register. Beer will be sold at 20 major college venues this year, twice as many as a decade ago.

West Virginia is one school that has started beer sales at games. Athletic Director Oliver Luck told the newspaper he expects profits of about $1 million from the sales. “With the deficits that are being run at some schools getting bigger, you’re going to have more and more schools going to it,” he said.

UPDATE: I should add the neither Dawn Farm nor I are anti-alcohol and I’m not especially concerned about this. However, I think that we often live in denial about the degree to which we value alcohol. Think about how often alcohol is served at events like birthday parties for small children, baptism parties, high school graduation parties, etc. In any particular case it’s not a bad thing, but collectively, it says a lot about how important it is in our culture and it’s so ubiquitous that we become blind to it.