Passing the torch to who?

passing the torch by bochalla

Mark Saunders notes that a generation of addiction trainers are approaching retirement and there is no clear cohort for them to pass the torch to.

Over the course of the past quarter-century, other speakers/trainers have emerged to shape the field of addiction treatment and recovery, including but not limited to:

  • Jacqueline Small, author of Becoming Naturally Therapeutic. She reminded the field that while counseling techniques are important, the possession of naturally therapeutic qualities such as empathy, warmth, genuineness and a loving heart can go even further to help us keep clients engaged in treatment.2
  • Claudia Black, PhD, and Jerry Moe. Their lectures reminded us that while it is important to work with adults in chemical dependency treatment, we also need strategies to work with their children who suffer as a result of their parents’ addictions.
  • Peter Bell. His pioneering work focused on the cultural aspects of addiction treatment and recovery. His speeches highlighted the belief that addiction is best treated if the cultural context in which it develops is taken into consideration.3
  • Stephanie Covington, PhD. Her lectures and writings have strongly influenced how the field works with chemically dependent women.
  • Stephanie Brown, PhD, and John Bradshaw. Their presentations reminded us of the importance of focusing on the entire family.
  • Terence Gorski. In the late 1980s and 1990s, when pessimism surrounded the field because inpatient treatment facilities were closing throughout the nation, Gorski affected the way treatment was done through his presentations on counseling for relapse prevention.
  • Cardwell C. Nuckols, PhD, is currently educating the nation in summer institutes and other conferences on addiction as a brain disease and its clinical implications.
  • William White and Don Coyhis are providing a great deal of education on the importance of anchoring recovery in the client’s natural environment and of using indigenous healers along with trained professionals to facilitate recovery.