The “I Program”


I’ve got no problem with alternatives to 12 step programs (Whatever path to recovery works for an addict is fine with me.), but I do have a problem with professionals who adopt and promote condescending attitudes toward people in 12 step recovery…

It is our opinion that many AA/NA members have substituted one addiction for another. For both addictions—substances and/or God—the common theme is the lack of personal control and thus, responsibility. It is also interesting to posit that if God is the cause leading to recovery, the logical conclusion would be that God (or the devil) must have been the causal force in the acquisition of addiction.

…and patronizing attitudes toward addicts in general:

We see two of the other 12 Steps, Steps 8 and 9, as questionable as a means in the recovery process. It is very difficult for an addict to change the past and to right all past wrongs, to make amends to all the people he/she has harmed. In fact, attempts to do so could expose the addict to numerous triggers that could quite easily interfere with the recovery process. This activity could potentially attract the addict back to a life he/she is trying to leave.

I’m agnostic and am repulsed by this hostile, willfully ignorant and reductionist description of 12 step spirituality.

6 thoughts on “The “I Program”

  1. Excellent post!
    I’m a 12 Step member who has worked as an addiction professional for over 30 years, and have dealt with a variety of attitudes evinced by other counselors toward 12 Step recovery. When I came out of the closet, so to speak, as a recovering individual, people I worked with were shocked. Apparently I didn’t act like one of “those” people. Given half the chance though, I have found that most of my peers are happy to have their bias challenged.
    Most, that is. Not all.
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Oh my goodness, the alternative 10 step program – Hilarious! True gold! I really, really, really hope they subject their 10 step program to the rigorous scientific inquiry they claim doesn’t exist to back up AA/NA.


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