Not to letting one feeling cancel out the other

the mark of maturity and courage is not to let one feeling cancel out the other, to give people their humanity —Ta-Nehisi Coates

photo credit: Chris Devers

A great post about the fear and rewards of giving the addict the right to their own journey from the blog, An Addict In Our Son’s Bedroom:

It’s hard to watch my son struggle with the problems associated with real life. We want to reach out and “fix” all of those problems. We feel this way because of our fear that bumps in the road will send them into the ditch…

It’s rewarding to watch my son struggle with the problems associated with real life. He is fixing problems where in the past he would have responded by, “F it, I’m getting high.” Bumps in the road are his to experience. It would be selfish of me to ride in on my white horse and solve all of the problems just to steal the pride and be the hero.