Recovery Plus

No Smoking In This Entrance
by nicfergusphotos

Utah has started a really cool initiative called Recovery Plus to help mental health and substance abuse providers go tobacco free and help their clients quit. Check out the website, they have some really cool stuff.

Recovery Plus has 2 cardinal rules:

  1. No one will be denied treatment.
  2. Assessment, treatment planning, and nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) will be provided to all clients.

Their website covers a lot of this, but I’ve been asked a lot about why Dawn Farm places so much emphasis on smoking cessation. Well, here are some of our reasons.

First, 85-90% of Dawn Farm clients smoke. Michigan smoking rates are around 20%. The rest of the state and country are quitting and addicts are getting left behind.

Second, most of the smokers who enter Dawn Farm want help quitting.

Third, quitting smoking at the initiation of recovery is associated with better treatment outcomes.

Fourth, alcohol and drug addicted smokers have a harder time quitting. The additional support available during treatment makes it the ideal time to try to quit.

Fifth, alcohol and drug addicted smokers experience serious smoking related health problems at higher rates than other smokers. Alcoholic smokers are more likely to die of tobacco related causes than alcohol related causes.

Sixth, in treatment setting that allow smoking, 20% of non-smokers who enter treatment become smokers during their treatment experience. We create clients who develop a new addiction, are likely to have poorer treatment outcomes and experience serious health problem.