Breaking the cycles calls for new labeling requirements on alcoholic beverages. Seems like a very wise idea. Of course if will make things a little easier for people who intend to binge drink, but it will make it a lot easier for social drinkers to avoid accidental binge drinking. (The person who’s friend hands them a Four Loko and they assume it’s the equivalent of 1 or 2 drinks when it’s actually 5. Or, people drinking long island iced teas thinking that they are 1 drink.)

So what would knowing how much is in the can do? First of all, for those who are trying to drink responsibly (safely), the math required to figure out ABV (alcohol by volume) in any given drink is something else. Consider this from the blogger, The Discovering Alcoholic, “If you do the math of what one  Four Loko has in it compared to one Bud Lite that you can by in my home state (Alabama), the numbers work out like this – 1 12oz Bud Lite has 4.2 ABV so … if we multiply that by almost 3 (AVB at 12%) and then double for the number of ounces (24) your over the 5 beer mark.”

Second reason to support standard drink labels (which is as simple as, “SD = 5″) — it may give a person pause. Pause to consider, “Hum, 5 drinks, maybe I should have a 24-ounce regular beer (SD=2), instead.”