Seems the recovery movement in the U.K. has hit a nerve. PeaPod reports:

Writing in SCANbites (not the latest fast food on offer at McDonald’s, but the newsletter of the Specialist Clinical Addiction Network) he [Dr Colin Drummond] rails against what he sees as a politically motivated attempt to force doctors to practise in non-evidence-based ways.

He is ambivalent about the recovery agenda. Praising its potential on one hand, but worried that at its worst “it can be an ideological dogma, imposed by a vociferous minority driven by hegemonic, or, worse, financial motives; a stone’s throw from simple minded translation into daft new Soviet-style targets for treatment delivery”.

Hegemony means the predominant influence, as of a state, region or group over others. A bit like the influence of psychiatrists, say, over the addiction field.

One thought on “Recovery-oriented=Soviet-style?

  1. Thanks for picking this up. I like the description of the recovery movement hitting a nerve. Mind you, to say some of these things the resistors are saying, you also need to have a nerve.What these guys don't realise is that we are in amongst them. They think we are some tiny minority group holed up in a clubhouse plotting ridiculous, non-evidence based plots. But some of us are professionals, nurses, doctors, counsellors in recovery or advocating for it. Others of us are from other walks of life, but are in recovery too. The point is that we are not "outsiders", but we are in there too. We won't be marginalised.

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